CapChat Solution

Solution Highlights

  • CapChat is a video chat recording solution from Coromandel Infotech (C2IL) designed to capture and save any web-cam chats, video calls and video conference (group video calls) with ease.
  • The solution helps in recording discussions among professionals, recording and playing back user requirements, online training, animated tutorials and presentations.


  • CapChat records both video and audio in any industry standard protocols like VP8, H263P, SPEEX, OPUS.
  • It automatically saves as MPEG/AVI/FLV and any other video file formats.
  • It allows compression of video files in real time while retaining amazing video quality.
  • In addition, this solution provides ad-hoc video conference template creation and support Adaptive Bitrate algorithm.
  • CapChat supports SIP over Websockets protocol while providing easy integration with any SIP Server such as Asterisk, Kamailio etc.


  • Scalable architecture based on Open Source technology frameworks
  • Allows 1:N conferencing
  • Automated recording at server end
  • Ability to participate in chat or conference using any Mobile SIP client