Employee Benefits

The company offers an environment of learning, growth and unlimited opportunities. We offer an attractive remuneration and benefits to attract and retain the talent in the organization.


As a growing organization, we aspire to attract talent at all levels. We compensate our associates with the best of the industry standards and keep them motivated with benefits.

Medical Insurance

Coromandel Infotech has signed up with one of the largest insurance provider to provide the medical benefits to all our employees by the group Mediclaim Policy. The coverage extends to parents and three of the immediate siblings. Our Policy allows the employees to extend the insurance needs to cover the comprehensive life insurance.

Fun at Work

At Coromandel Infotech, we do not restrict our employees only to technical programming. We encourage our associates to have fun at work every day. Events like Carom & Chess are conducted periodically. Coromandel Infotech takes pride in celebrating the Annual Day with its entire family during the holidays in December.


At Coromandel Infotech, we provide financial assistance to our employees to celebrate functions and also in case of any emergencies.

Educational Benefits

Coromandel Infotech reimburses expenses incurred towards tuition & certification fees subject to a maximum amount and with some commitment to the organization.

Employee Referral program

We encourage our employees to refer friends and family who are qualified for the employment at Coromandel Infotech with a referral bonus.


At Coromandel Infotech, we appreciate and recognize the talented individuals & teams who excel in the various functions performed at the organization business units.