Performance Testing

The utility of any software application depends on its performance. Often, performance bottlenecks are identified late in a project and prove very expensive. At Coromandel Infotech, we understand our customers’ performance concerns and have the skills and expertise to benchmark and fine tune your applications.

Regardless of the lifecycle of your applications, we can provide performance testing services to optimize your systems’ performance. As performance testing includes load, stress, scalability, reliability and volume testing, we recommend and conduct the suitable tests that are required for the application.

Using different test types, we identify the failure points of the application under various circumstances, thereby making the application more robust and reliable. 

Based on the test results, our team advises customers on the optimal performance requirements in terms of application architecture and hardware infrastructure.

Our range of performance tests include

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Performance Tests
  • Load Tests
  • Stress Tests
  • Endurance Tests
  • Spike Test.

Following are the best practices we follow for performance testing:

Proper Estimation: We do proper Estimate of work and communicate to the client like amount of work, best tool to use, Data requirements, and requirements of test execution and set realistic expectations.

Test Plan: We prepare test plan, which acts as a checklist and helps us to cover everything required like each team member’s responsibility, system understanding, requirements for execution and schedule.

Scripting: While recording, we insert measurements of transactions, use Parameterization, insert check points for every page, and learn the behavior of the system.

Baseline runs:We run baseline tests when less full loaded tests are required at the end. It saves lot of time.

Full Load test: We run full load test only when the problems identified during baseline tests get resolved.

Analyze results early: We start monitoring and analyzing the results early. Good time to separate problems and locate exactly to specific area is during Scripting and baseline testing.