IT application landscape is going through tremendous changes. To stay successful and competitive, the business needs software systems that are efficient, reliable and capable of supporting complex composite business processes. The business also demands speed and agility – being able to quickly deliver applications to support new technologies, run new functionality, bring products to market and take advantage of new opportunities. These demands are putting intense pressure on quality operations and processes.

For any organization with cyclic development releases, keeping a dedicated testing team becomes an overhead. It is equally true in case of sudden spike in the testing bandwidth requirement due to unplanned or exceptional one time release. C2IL’s Testing-On-Tap service can help you in such situations to keep your overheads low by utilizing the testing services on pay per use model. The pay-per-use model offers great financial flexibility.

With Testing-On-Tap services, C2IL provides testing service at run time using the shared services model that provides you testing services when you need it and at a cost that is lower than having your own dedicated resources. With the help of our Testing-On-Tap services, we provide access to our test tools, which further reduces your cost for licenses and resources required for the tool maintenance and hosting.

Testing-On-Tap – Highlights:

  • Testing services on shared service model (Testing-On-Tap)
  • No need to keep a dedicated testing team when there is no continuous volume of work
  • Commercials based on number of test cases
  • C2IL Defect tracking tool access
  • C2IL Test management tool access
  • Single point contact for testing – No need to plan and manage testing resources

Testing-On-Tap – Benefits:

  • Total cost of Testing reduced
  • Positive returns on the overall testing spend
  • Improved test effectiveness
  • Increased objectivity of testing activities